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Vaisakhi is the holiest day in the Sikh faith calendar.
It marks the ceremony in 1699 on the first day of the month of Vaiskh, when the tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj created the order of the Khalsa. On this day, the Panj Pyare (the 5 beloved ones) came forward to offer their heads to their Guru Ji. The Amrit ceremony marked their “rebirth” as the first of a new order. Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave them an identity (Five Kakar), a strong sense of self discipline and a moral code of conduct. The combined code of conduct made them Soldier Saints, defenders of the faith and the oppressed.

Cultural Significance of Vaisakh.
From pre-history in Punjab, it has been harvest time when farmers reap the fruits of their labour and so festivities and rejoicing take place everywhere. Vaisakhi, in spiritual terms therefore is the reaping of ones spiritual journey and a time to reflect where we have come from and by GurParsad to where we have reached in our journey of self-realisation.

Events to remember